Text-To-Speech (TTS) Language Support

Toku’s Text-To-Speech (TTS) services work with the Call Services API.

Toku TTS supports multiple foreign languages, as well as the ability to select a “male” or “female” voice for many of them. Below is a list of supported languages and genders.

Supported Languages

Language Value Male (M) Female (F)
English EN Yes Yes
English - Indian EN-IN No Yes
Arabic AR No Yes
Bahasa Indonesia ID Yes Yes
Chinese ZH No Yes
Danish DA Yes Yes
Dutch NL Yes Yes
French FR Yes Yes
German DE Yes Yes
Hindi HI No Yes
Icelandic IS Yes Yes
Italian IT Yes Yes
Japanese JA Yes Yes
Korean SV No Yes
Norwegian NB No Yes
Polish PL Yes Yes
Portuguese PT Yes Yes
Romanian RO No Yes
Russian RU Yes Yes
Spanish ES Yes Yes
Swedish SV No Yes
Turkish TR No Yes
Welsh CY No Yes
Thailand TH No Yes
Vietnam VN Yes Yes
Hongkong HK Yes Yes
Philippines PH Yes Yes